Broken Vacuum

Some people who know me well know that my life is basically about self-improvement.

Why, I don’t really know because I’m going to die anyway.

Probably because it keeps me happy, and also because there’s nothing better to do.

This week, I’m working on my attachments.

Obviously, as a cyclist, I am highly attached to the notion of improvement in our cycling infrastructure in San Diego. I often hear complaints about how badly cycling sucks here.

As I said before, though the infrastructure sucks, I don’t think that cycling here sucks. I know it can be better, but I try not to imagine. Rather I spend my time enjoying what we have.

I usually attribute this way of thinking as samsara which is wrong because samsara actually means the wandering through the stages of life. When I think of samsara, I think of someone’s yearning for the world to be different than it is. The opposite of that is obviously enlightenment which is ever so far away.

In fact, I just came out of a mental storm which left me feeling totally hopeless.

I am inspired by Pema Chodren’s statement, “Abandon Hope” where she explains a similar concept. The world isn’t going to ever be perfect nor will we so we should stop hoping for that and just accept what we have here.

I love this idea!

It ties in with the notion that one should think of the past as being perfect. We should accept this how it is and move on.

Yes, I had a great bicycle ride this morning.


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