Manufacturing Crisises

Only when this is done did I realize that this has absolutely nothing to do with cyling. I could have shoe-horned something in, but that would be obvious and lame.

I have been thinking a lot about primitive societies lately, partly because I’m reading an excellent book called Sex At Dawn which postulates that our ancient ancestors are not as savage as we are now a days.

It’s easy to guess why we have changed if you watch the eye-popping Century of Self (warning 4 hours) which shows how the advertising industry has sapped our ability to think for ourselves. How TV Ruined Your Life continues in the same vein.

All these thoughts in my head got me thinking of my own mid-life crisis, and whether it is innate to my species or whether it has its roots in my modern experiences. I am tending towards the latter especially since I am using the book The Nectar of Manjushri’s Speech which is actually commentary on one of my favorite holy texts, Bodhicaryavatara which is a poem that expounds on how one could properly practice Buddhism.

This book is a good antidote to the pain of aging because it helps me wrestle with the questions of what I fear with aging which is loss of youth, vigor, and life’s pleasures that come with the package.

Studies that show that older people are happier were unhelpful.

However, when I figured out what I was really clinging to, and I started to work on getting rid of that, I started to get better.

My main difficulty with these types of strong emotions is that they form a cloud over my usual preternatural insightful powers.

Now, I feel much better so I realize that my feelings are not important. What’s really important is sticking with the practice, acting with compassion, and treating my wife like the princess she is.


One Response to “Manufacturing Crisises”

  1. The Wife Says:

    I love how you treat me. I hope I treat you just as well.

    I think recognizing that I’d never be great or famous got rid of a lot of fear I had of growing old. Aging is unimportant if there are no preset goals to be met by a certain age. There is only experience to be gained.

    As for the fear of dying, actively plotting suicide (when I was a teen, readers – have no fear) allowed me to come to terms with my own mortality, my fears of dying and my insignificance in this world.

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