Two Winds of Cycling

Though I do strive to see the positive side of cycling, only, there’s no doubt that many people look down on cyclists.

For some reason, we are both seen as wealthy elitists AND homeless people. We are seen as fitness buffs AND weaklings. We are seen as those who throw their own bodies away in traffic AND those who think only of ourselves as we block traffic.

The fact that a series of pejorative and yet contradictory statements are applied to cycling has not escaped me. It seems as if people are picking up whatever pieces of shit they can find with no rhyme or reason and tossing them at us, verbally.

How can a self-respecting person cycle?

For me, my religious beliefs sustain me. Though I’m not a practicing Buddhist, I do find Buddhist writings, as well as other holy books such as the Bible, to have a positive impact on my life.

Whenever people blame me, I realize that they are trying to sway my mind by what in Buddhism are known as the
Eight Worldly Winds.

In this case, they are “praise and blame”.

There are always those who are going to criticize your life. So if you give your life up for others to decide, you’ll never be happy.

I spent the first quarter century of my life obsessed with pleasing others, and I was so depressed. Additionally, I found that I wasn’t really an easy person to be around.

Once I started to focus on what made me really happy did I find that I could think of others, too. Cycling is a big part of this.

I find, on the other hand, that cycling doesn’t make many people happy, and I wonder why they continue to do it. I don’t know this for sure, this is based on hearsay, because whenever I hear negativity regarding cycling, I immediately shut down that channel of communication.

There is too much information out there, and we needn’t know everything. I have spent enough time studying and thinking of the pros and cons of cycling. After a certain point, we need to make a decision and stick to it no matter what.

I learned this from a recent president. Love him or hate him, he showed me that to vacillate is death. One must make a decision based on one’s facts and be strong in the face of criticism.


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