Ride Pessimistically

Sometimes when I leave on my bicycle, people tell me to “ride safely.”

Although I do find it to be funny, being the gentleman that I am, however, my reply is, “thank-you.”

But why is it funny?

Well, to paraphrase George Carlin, “That puts it all on me, doesn’t it?”

Also, being an extreme optimist, I don’t think that I need to do anything special to be safe on a bicycle. The whole “safe” thing inherently assumes that bad things happening are likely, and my mind refuses to accept this negative assumption because it results in suffering about events that haven’t even happened yet.

Worrying about safety is one way that people have of destroying the enjoyment that they could have, and it squeezes all joy out of their world.

That’s not to say that I don’t pay attention while riding. One thing I do is try to pay attention to what’s going on every second of my ride.

Recently someone asked me if I ever spaced out while bicycling home. I have not. In fact, for me, it’s nearly impossible to space out for more than a few seconds.

Although it’s not necessary for them to say, “be safe”, I do realize that when tell me this, they are really expressing concern and love for me.


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