My Commute IV

Note that right before I turn I see a giant advert which reads “Intense” which is exactly how I feel at this time.

The next part of the trip isn’t as intense as bombing down Fairmount all the way to the valley, but it’s intense for another reason.

Right after the turn, there’s a shopping center with three entrances. What makes this so challenging is that everyone has a different style of dealing with this situation plus there’s a lot going on.

In this case, a bicycle lane is actually a death trap because some of the motorists think that the bike lane is a line which they call pull up to see if there’s traffic coming. Thus, the best move is to take the lane.

But people are turning right into the shopping center. So one must look back as to not run into them. But this is hard because people are pulling out in front of me.

Also, the right turns are all different. Some will wait behind me (best). Others want to pass me only to slam on their brakes. This is addressed in a prior post.


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