My Commute III

At this point, things get interesting where “interesting” means I have to cross 3 lanes of traffic in order to get into the left hand turn lane. I usually wait until there’s a red light and traffic does what I call “compaction”. By compaction, I mean it when all the traffic stops and it backs up.

In most cases, this is pretty safe because all the cars are essentially parked, but one has to be careful because occasionally, a motorist may choose to drive sideways into the bike lane. Why they do this I don’t know.

I mean, I do know that a motorist is supposed to enter the bike lane in order to make a right hand turn. That’s why there’s dotted lines there. This is a good idea, and it’s safe for everyone because presumably the motorist is checking the lane before entering. Plus it avoids the legendary right hook.

In this case, however, there’s no real bike lane. No shoulder, either, just a tiny space of road where the car’s tires are not touching the cracked pieces of concrete that constitute a curb in these parts.

I can only guess that there’s this uncontrollable urge in the motorist’s mind that says, “must drive in gutter.” Later on, I’ll write a whole post on this topic something I call “gutter lust” where a motorist loves to drive as close to the edge of the road as possible at all times to the point of eschewing whole well paved lanes in favor of a the crumbly mess that often hangs next to a cliff or abuts a wall that’s intended to keep an accident on one road from falling onto the road below.

Usually, though, if traffic is stopped, it’s not too difficult to get over to the left hand lane. I have not gotten honked at once.

In fact, here’s a place where cyclists shine because I think that they make the streets more efficient. My SO has joked about this phenomenon. It can best be seen as similar to the race track where a fake rabbit paces the dogs. Similarly, when the cars refuse to turn on a green arrow, I merely must go around the people who are content to sit while the light changes back to red. Once I enter their view, they transform into people who really, really need to go somewhere fast.

This always gives me a huge chuckle. If you see me laughing maniacally on my bicycle this might be one of the many reasons why. There are some jokes that will always be funny.


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