Council Member I

Since there is no clear voting guide for San Diego voters on their councilmember’s positions on bicycling commuting, I sent the following missive:

On behalf of the San Diego commuting bicyclists, I’m collecting
information on politicians in order to inform the voters of the
positions of their representatives.

Most likely, you are informed about bicycle commuting since there are
roughly 150,000 of us in San Diego.

However, I’d like to avoid making assumptions because, sadly,
uninformed people often confuse commuting bicycling with critical mass
riders, fitness buffs and racers, as well as children. Thus I’ll spend
a little time to explain what commuting bicycling means.

Commuting bicycling means using one’s bicycle like a normal person
uses automobile: to get to work, to buy groceries, and to pick up
one’s children from day care. Commuting bicyclists think as much about
changing their clothes to ride a bicycle as you would put on a whole
new outfit in order to ride in a car. A San Diego bicycle commuter
desires, but does not yet possess, all the rights, privileges, and
respect that motorist have been given by the government.

Right now, bicycle commuting in San Diego is not only possible, but
highly fun and beneficial. In general, bicycle commuters are thinner,
look younger, are happier, and save thousands of dollars per person
per year for transportation expenses.

Contrary to popular belief, the San Diego Bicycle Coalition has zero
representation for cycling commuters as it is a _coalition_ of sports
and hobby clubs.

Since there is no publicly available information on politician’s
positions on San Diego commuting bicycling available, I’m collecting
the information to inform voters.

1. What is your position on government’s role in cycle commuting?
Should government encourage bicycle commuting, discourage it, or
ignore it?

2. What have you done to change, according to your values, bicycle
commuting specifically in San Diego?


I wish you the best in all your endeavors.


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