My Commute I

For 2011, I am trying not to talk about myself nor my life because things are so great, I don’t want to brag. Plus, I don’t want people to be jealous; I’d like to hear about how great other people are doing.

But occasionally, I hear negativity about cycling. I won’t repeat it here. Overall, it’s all nonsense. I have the statistics to prove that my lifestyle of a bicycle commuter is sound. But I don’t need dry numbers to justify my decisions. I mainly operate on my whims and feelings; I and what I want.

Thus, I have decided to share how I feel every morning when I commute.

In the morning, I wake up, and the first thing I do is chat with my wife. We have a chat right after waking up, and right before bed because we feel that communication is important.

[Skipping a lot of stuff–see first para. Yada yada yada. Blah. Blah. Blah.] šŸ™‚

Once I have a pot of coffee in me, I can’t wait to rush out of my house.

Ever see the most exciting scene, the climax of an action movie? That’s what my commute is like.


I love it.

At first, it’s a bit like off-roading because our back alley is so broken up, the only road that’s visible sticks up in places like big rocks, and it would be better if there were no paving at all.

Next, I go through the school zone where people are torn between wanting to rush away after dropping their child off, and acting holier than thou to fake concern for other people’s kid. Note to parents, if you really care about other people, you’d walk your child to school. That way there would be less pollution for the children playing, less traffic, and less danger for the child getting hit. Plus, a bit of exercise is something that children crave which is great.

God, I love ranting!

I don’t rant while I ride past here, I just smile (at the parents) and say hello. Plus, I watch to let the children go in front of my bicycle. Fear of hitting a child is a number one reason I prefer to bicycle over an automobile. I don’t know how motorists live with this fear on a daily basis.

Next, is the buzz zone, where I dodge potholes while cars dodge me. Sometimes they squeeze past me only to get stuck at the light. This happens for about 5 blocks. It’s really fun, actually, though I would prefer the pot holes not to be there.

Next step is the top of the big hill of Fairmount Ave. One more light, and things change in a big way.

Times up for this post so I’ll have to continue tomorrow.


One Response to “My Commute I”

  1. Aaron Garland Says:

    I figured I would take this opportunity to comment on your blog while your post is under 15 min old. It just happened to come across my reader while I was checking the morning update. I am also high on life, basking in the freedom of unemployment. Which sounds easy to do, but I have never found myself to be content when I am out of work. However right now I am enjoying it. I feel very productive and do only what I want. I have an interview tomorrow for a part time job. It could possibly be the best of both worlds: an income and freedom to pursue my hearts desires.

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