News from A New York Bicycling Insider

You may have recently that New York Cycling is improving by leaps and bounds thanks especially to the brilliance of Janette Sadik-Khan an urban reengineer.

Well, last weekend, I got to talk about how those improvements were actually impacting bicyclists last weekend when I had a talk, on the Edible Bicycle Ride, with a New Yorker I’ll call El.

She lived in Brooklyn and worked with a bike kitchen.

Since she was well dressed, I figured she rolled with the whole Cycle Chic scene. However, she was a bit surprised when I mentioned it. On the other hand, she was aware of Copenhagen’s greatness in cycling.

In fact, she compared New York to Copenhagen and said that the former had a ways to go. I was a bit surprised to hear this, but not completely.

She summed it up like this: “In Copenhagen, the safest thing to do is to follow the law. In New York, however, sometimes you have to bend the law like riding through a red light can actually be safer for a cyclist if they time it right.”

Apparently, the way people drive still endangers people to the point where they have to make their own laws to be safe. That’s a shame seeing the amount of infrastructure I continually read about.

Most of this infrastructure is in Manhattan, though. I wonder how the other Boroughs are doing in contrast to Manhattan.


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