Edible Bike Ride

Today, I went on an edible bike tour of San Diego which showcased ten of San Diego’s Gardens.

We started off at the World Beat Center in Balboa Park which is one of the real hidden gems of the park.

There they spend a huge amount of time recycling water. We also learned about how if one eats raw food, one needs to consume less. Overall, it was quite eye opening how much real wealth there was to be found in the smallest of places.

It was common knowledge that farming is difficult in San Diego because there isn’t enough water. Although this may be partially true, I found the recent deluge to be a real eye opener because it seemed as if so much water was wasted. That is, water went from being a precious resource to being nuisance. I thought how nice it would be if they could capture a fraction of that water for watering plants.

The World Beat is also completely solar powered which is wonderful, but we learned that this was an uphill battle which is a real head scratcher.

From there we went to the Community College Garden which is worth checking out. Then we saw a bewildering array of back yard gardens which were all amazing in their own way. There’s so much green in this city if you just know where to look for it.

Each of the gardeners were kind enough to show us what they grew. My list of gardening techniques has really grown since this adventure.

I’m grateful that Ian and all the others involved were able to put this together. It’s an experience worth repeating.


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