I Don’t Give a Shitake About Celebrity…

I Don’t Give a Shitake About Celebrity…

With all the reality shows, there is a greater and greater urge in ordinary people to feel like celebrities.

While I maintain a nice, humble guy image, deep down, I’m the same as everyone else, and I want to feel important and unique.

Although, I do have someone who makes me feel that I’m the happiest man in the world, the urge to celebrity is the urge to be special in the eyes of those who don’t know you.

It’s a little known fact that cyclists often stand out.

For example, when I ride, up the middle, to the front of an intersection, there I am out there all alone. Everyone else is anonymous in their autos, but I’m out in the open.

Also, at work and events, it’s more noticable when I ride my bicycle. Others are pretty much all the same, but I always get a mini-interview where I get answer: how far I rode, how was my ride, and more.

As a hopeless attention seeker, I totally love it!


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