Why Women Don’t Ride?

Sometimes, when we have exhausted most of our other conversational topics, my wife and I talk about the big question which is: why the wives and girlfriends of avid cyclist do not ride.

I know that this is a touchy subject so I suggest that the more sensitive readers should stop reading now.

I’d like to preface this with the fact, that many of my friends are women and they do ride. Some of them with a partner and some of them just by themselves. Many of them can kick my, and many other men’s asses. Some are even car free in Southern California where common stupidity tells us that you “you need a car to survive here”.

But just like a fly to sticky paper, I’m drawn to the forum thread titled, “A Couple that Rides Together. . .”

I’m not going to post any advice here, however. Like most things in life, I have more questions than answers.

Also, I feel that perhaps the whole question is due to a statistical fluke, a sampling error, and if I had a slightly different set of friends perhaps I’d be asking why more men don’t cycle with their wives.

Why am I so obsessed with this question? Perhaps because I can’t stand how people seem to think that I have somehow brainwashed my wife into cycling when in reality, she’s a bigger cyclist than I am. She logs more miles, does more advocacy, she plans more trips, and she makes more cyclist friends than I do.

It’s a human thing to expect that our experience will be similar to other people’s.

I guess the only way to really find out why these people aren’t riding, and thus pleasing their men, is to ask the women. The only problem is the only time I could see them is on a ride.

And they never come. :{P


2 Responses to “Why Women Don’t Ride?”

  1. Aaron Garland Says:

    Since I moved to San Diego my experience has been the opposite. Your wife is the lead editor for bikesd, all the full time staff at the Coalition are women, my wife is a bike and ped planner for a well respected consulting firm, and Bev regularly kicks my ass on a bike while pulling a child, and that’s just mentioning a few.

    • fredollinger Says:

      Yes, Aaron, this is true, as I said I felt that this was, perhaps, a statistical fluke.

      Maybe, I’m (overly) influenced by the message boards where men as over and over again, “How do I get my lady friend/lover/wife to ride.”

      I’d be interested in hearing more from the female perspective where woman have trouble getting a partner (of any gender) to ride.

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