Boisterous Bluff Ascent in Search of Curdled Milk Loaf

Last night, we did it! We climbed the baddest, meanest, and steepest hills in all of San Diego!

And we did it for cheese cake!

Someone figured out the exact number of calories each hill would burn as well as the number of calories that we’d gain by eating lots of cheese cake, pizza, and of course that cycling fuel: beer.

I’m glad I made it, and it’s all thanks to an anonymous lycra wearing hero.

The route I took to the ride was down Linda Vista Road, which was flatter than I thought which is good because I’m finding that riding down San Diego hills is burning my brake pads faster than a box of condoms at an orgy.

When I got to the bottom, I found myself faced with a bewildering array of high speed merges all of which looked like they’d take me onto the freeway. Again.

I was looking for Morena. I didn’t find it, but I was able to exit safely onto the OB bike path were I enjoyed a brief respite from the noise and smog.

I tried to pour over my hastily printed google map which was half sized which meant that half the streets were not labled. Ug.

I got back onto busy road again and I wound up on a crazy street where the speed limit was 15 MPH, people tried to drive 50, bumper to bumper on a two lane road where you could barely fit a few pieces of paper in between the cars. Yikes!

I turned around and headed back. Finally, I found myself, like many other tourists, to Old Town.

I circled around for a while looking for the the street names that I had hastily scribbled onto a post-it. Attracted by the cat calls of teen agers in a car, I rode over and asked directions. Confused that I was real, perhaps, he waved vaguely in front of him several times.

Again, I set out on my journey. I wondered how long it had been. I didn’t want to be late. But no time to think of that now.

A smallish man on a BMX bike offered help. He lead me to my proper street. I wound up on Pacific Highway where my Spidey sense tingled, telling me I was going the wrong way.

I flagged down a lycra clad rider and implored him for directions. He offered to take me there.

I invited him to the ride, but he declined.

He did, however, take me all the way past Pacific Highway, on quiet parallel roads. We had a pleasant chat then he waved me good-bye when it was time for me to ride on the side-walk.

Through previous encounters, I have learned that the lycra clad, though they are often kind and helpful, they are also law abiding. This is usually a good thing, but like coffee or alcohol, too much of a good thing can give you the shakes and make you sick to your stomach. 🙂

I hopped onto the sidewalk, but I dismounted when I saw pedestrians so I didn’t sully the cyclists good name. Hahaha.

A few blocks later, i was near India Street and the Five Points Brewing Company (in the old Mission Brewing Building).

I grabbed a beer and joined the conversation, initially with a homeless person where we discussed the merits of saving old building such as the Mission Brewing Building.


2 Responses to “Boisterous Bluff Ascent in Search of Curdled Milk Loaf”

  1. Aaron Garland Says:

    I noticed they added a “Where did you ride today?” thread on SD Commuter and thought you should consider repeating your ride posts there, so more people can enjoy the triumphs and mishaps of your urban adventures.

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