Bike Party!

Last night at El Take It Easy, there was a bicycle party.

Of course, I got there super early and spent the time working on a comedy routine where I compare a loser in a political race with that of a pregnant, doglike carnivorn. Yeah, I’m looking at you Mama Grizzly.

The main thrust of my comedy is that I feel that she’s mistaken in her attempt to characterize herself thusly, and as a gentleman, I point out the positive aspects of her character.

Of course, the party started, and Aaron shows up followed by the rest of the gang. Of course, my favorite person chastized me for being so foolish as to neglect to ask to bring my bicycle inside. Once I was allowed, I did so for fear that one of the wheels would be stolen. Yes, as a life long mental Philadelphian, I am super paranoid. I like my paranoia by the way so no need for a cure.

Later on, I talked to Andrea and Paul, two people from a home we were going to live in, but decided not to for various reasons. I’ll get into that in another post.

After our house interview, we said to one another, “We should hang out with them more often, but never did.”

Perhaps, now we will…

Then I just hung with my wife and friends. I was going to go around and meet everyone in the bicycle world that I hadn’t met, but I felt too lazy. Perhaps next time.


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