Beefy Surf Ride

Our newest friends, Andrea and Aaron, joined us on our weekly ride to the beach. The ride is about 11 miles, and it varies from being very pleasant–since it’s on the bicycle path–to being fairly unpleasant–which is getting buzzed on Hotel Circle.

Last weekend, though, thanks to the addition of our friends as well as Hans and Beverly who met us at the top of Bauchman, the hill that connects Hillcrest to Mission Valley.

Having six people made the ride MUCH more pleasant.

We rode into Mission Valley then onto the OB bicycle path. We crossed over and rode over to

Cheap Rentals where I rented a surf board.

The waves were strong and someone accurately pointed out that the other surfers waited, far out in the ocean, for the perfect wave. Meanwhile, I stayed closer to the shore. That’s because I’m a wave whore, I ride anything I can.

While I surfed, the rest of the people sat and enjoyed light conversation at Baked Cafe which is really surfer friendly. I change my clothes outside and even sit at the table in a dripping wet suit.

Once I was done surfing, we rode onward to La Jolla Brewhouse where we drank lots of beer including Celebration which has hops that are no more thanks to a housing project in North California. Yea, evil real estate developers of cinema lore!

There we saw some pugslies bicycles. If you don’t know what they are ask a biking friend to tell you. I did.

Once we got tanked up, we headed over to Home Grown Meats in La Jolla where we stocked up on meat.

Then we headed back.

Overall, it was a perfect day in San Diego. The perfect end to a perfect weekend! Thanks to everyone who made it a wonderful day.


One Response to “Beefy Surf Ride”

  1. Aaron Garland Says:

    Fun time. Have to do it again. I promise I will surf one of these times.

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