Paseo de Todos

Tonight I ride in Mexico!


One of the main reasons that my wife and I love San Diego is that it’s so close to Mexico. Yes, that’s right, we actually _like_ being next to Mexico; we don’t consider it to be a problem or a “threat” to wall our selves off of.


Since moving here, however, I didn’t have a passport, but now due to my vast wealth that has changed.

Even better, there’s a ride in Mexico called Paseo de Todos which means “Ride for People Who Actually Understand Spanish”. 🙂

I’m most excited about this ride because I would love to meet some Mexican bicyclists even if I will have some problems talking with them, we’ll have a wonderful shared experience.


Also, the people who I am going with are all super cool.


Finally, I look forward to being in a Real CityTM. It’s been a long time since I was in one.


San Diego is nice and all, but I do not consider it to be a real city because the urban stuff is really spaced out and feels forced and fake like they saw a city on TV, but never understood what makes a city work. Hint: Density and cool people.


What San Diego does best is natural beauty; also the people here are really friendly and kind.


From the people who were actually there, I only heard good things about Tiajuana. You hear the negative from the media and people who watch the media.


I can’t wait to see the smiling faces on bicycles.



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