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Escondido Enforces The Law and Generates Needed Revenue

August 11, 2010

I found this article to be excellent because it exposed some of the myths surrounding our transportation system.

One of them is that once one signs up for an auto loan, one may go out and break the law with impunity. This is not true.

The laws regarding motor vehicles are there to protect us all. If one has problems with motor vehicle registration, they should just say so and the drunks,  serial felons, and the criminally incompetent can start killing even more people on the freeway.

No, most people agree that in order to keep order, we must abide by a certain number of laws, and the City of Escondido’s finest were just enforcing existing laws which is their job. I know that it’s trendy to attack the United States now, but if the police are abiding by the laws, the rest of us should, too. After all, we have the government that we deserve. If we didn’t campaign for someone different, we have to live with who gets elected and, yes, follow the policies that they enact.

Secondly, it made me ill that it paraded children around as if our transportation system were put into place in order to benefit them.

Nothing can be further from the case. The unintended consequences of our system, especially in Southern California, is killing us all. Many of us literally.

We have too much debt and no job, but we feel that we need a car because there are few reasonable alternatives. Despite the year round weather, we are cramped up inside little boxes. We are destroying the beauty that brings people to to this part of the country with toxic fumes cause and exasperate an illness that of which one out of six are diagnosed in Southern California. And, with it’s automobile obsessed mindset, of course, the highest incidence is here.

If we thought about the children, we’d design a system so that they can walk to school as children are increasingly diagnosed with Adult (that’s right, Adult) diabetes each year .

If we thought about the children, we’d realize that one of the most dangerous things that a child could do is to get into a car. Car accidents kill children.  Therefore, ironically, the most dangerous thing a parent does to a child is to drive them somewhere which shows how biased the media is when compared with the amount hysteria media whips up against a parent who allows their child to
take a much safer mode such as walking or the trolley.

The fact is, the City of Escondido needs money, but people, unaware of how civil society functions, are too selfish to pay more taxes, so they have to be creative in generating it. This program is brilliant in that it does generate the revenue, while at the same time it gets law breakers off the street, some of whom would have gotten into an accident, and–yes it happens everyday–killed a child.

So if you cared for children, you’d support raising taxes, and building decent sidewalks, bicycle lanes, and public transportation that actually works (see the metro system of LA sometime to see a transportation system that is both beautiful and useful).

If you write an article that says that it’s going to help the children, look at ALL the facts. I’m not going to judge anyone, but if I had children, I’d make sure I had a backup plan because: cars break down, they are expensive and take away from college money, accidents happen, and yes, you can lose your car if you break the law.

I thought that the Reader was a conservative paper, but now it comes down in favor of law breakers, and against children’s best interests and even the US government’s ability to enforce the laws we all agree on.

Shame on the Reader.