Hungry Bear Nation

On Christmas day, I decided to open my biggest present.

No, not any crap under a tree. Rather, it was a bicycle that takes place each month: Critical Mass.

I missed the main ride because I was going to the bathroom, but I did run up with a group that called themselves “Hungry Bear Nation.” Why, I don’t know. I don’t think that’s important.

The people were really nice, which was less of a surprise to me due to living in San Diego for a year now. Still, it was a bit strange that a group of friends who didn’t know me took me in so nicely.

We rode from Balboa down Laurel where one of the riders crashed on the steepest part of the hill. She was fine.

We rode bay side and took in the grade A view of the lights of Downtown and Point Loma. Excellent route especially as most was off road.

Then we cruised around a deserted Sea Port Village. It was quite beautiful.

Then we got some beers and headed back to Sea Port Village. We talked for a while. Two of the guys have an online t-shirt shop. Some of the people are considering moving from LA to SD. We listened to Kayne West.

Finally, it got pretty cold, and we called it a night.

I got on my bicycle and headed off with one of the guys. What a wonderful night.

Each time I ride Critical Mass, I meet at least one other interesting person.

If you are opposed to Critical Mass, I suggest you spend one night out of the month riding with us. If the traffic blocking is a problem, I urge you to do your errands on a bicycle that night, at least. That way, when you come to the Critical Mass, you will meet with no obstacles. You will be one of us. Happy and free.


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